1. (via Photo by wspencer • Instagram)

    (via Photo by wspencer • Instagram)

  2. Our color loving Jessi created this stop motion to document the creative process in her participation for the Bordo Bello fundraiser. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, we are lucky to have her as our Studiomate. 

    (via swissmiss | Magic Skateboard)

  3. Last night, we debuted our first film — on the Breuckelen Distilling Company — at Studiomates, the collaborative workspace in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Since so much of the inspiration behind Made by Hand has come from the creative community in Brooklyn, this was a special opportunity for us. We’re exceedingly grateful to the people of Studiomates — and the makers in Brooklyn and elsewhere who inspire us every day. 

    We’re pleased now to release our first film into the world; go and watch it now. Brad Estabrooke’s tale is one of knowing you could fail, and moving ahead anyway — perhaps the most important ethos of the handmade spirit. We’re thankful to Brad for also joining us last night and sharing his gin and company.

    Our next film — on local knife maker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn — is in production now. Joel talks about finding himself at the intersection of the handmade and food movements (“I hit the jackpot,” he says) and more. 

    And as we head into the Fall, we’re talking to more makers in Brooklyn and nearby as we seek out subjects for subsequent films. Our hope is that you find these portraits as inspiring as we do.


    Made by Hand's first film, “The Distiller,” is above. Half of the MbH team is Studiomates member Mandy Brown, and you can watch the film teaser for The Distiller here.

    Last night, the Studiomates coworking space for makers filled with more makers that sipped Breukelen gin that the film showed Brad Estabrooke making by hand.

    We’re anxiously awaiting the next MbH film on knifemaker Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn. If you have photos from last night, please add them as a reply to this post.

  4. Studiomates member Mandy Brown is half of the Made by Hand team, a new film production company in New York.

    Tomorrow night, September 8th at 7p at Studiomates, MbH will premiere their first two films and sip a bit of gin.

    The debut film is on the Breuckelen Distilling Company, the first gin distiller in Brooklyn since Prohibition (and located in nearby Gowanus); the second is on Cut Brooklyn, a local knife maker (with a fascinating craft-meets-foodie-revolution story). More films are planned on a beekeeper, an urban farmer, and a bicycle maker, all in the five boroughs.

    The plan is to screen the first two films, sip some cocktails, and have a brief Q&A with Brad Estabrooke and Joel Bukiewicz, the subjects of the first two films.

    Please join us and help us spread the word about Made by Hand. You can also follow them, @madebyhand, on Twitter.

  5. Interview with Studiomate Cameron Kozcon →

    Here’s a interesting interview with my studiomate Cameron Kozcon. He is one of the geniuses behind Fictive Kin, TeuxDeux, and Brooklyn Beta and talks about entrepreneurship, creating the ideal workspace, and why his latest app GimmeBar will radically change the way we curate content online.

  6. energy7:

    For the birthday of my studiomate Cameron Koczon, inventor of the take-no-prisoners Scotchkins diet, I designed a little book cover. Jessi pasted it up (and made some pipe-shaped scotch cups to boot). Photo by swissmiss, see more party photos.

    We felt we couldn’t contain all the magnificence (and planning and loving on meat) in one post, so this is Erica’s post on her fantastic diet book cover for Cameron’s birthday.

    See the book in its native environment, surrounded by little pipes full of scotch cups, above.

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  7. And, there’s only one more day to sign up for Gimme Bar!

    From Studiomates Cameron Kozcon and Fictive Kin, we quote our fearless Studiomates leader Swissmiss's post yesterday:

    My studiomate Cameron and his FictiveKin crew have been cooking up a fantastic new service and they didn’t let me write about until today! Now, talk about torturing a blogger!

    Gimme Bar is the name of their brilliant visual booksaving service.

    Yes, you read right, I said visual bookSAVING, not visual bookmarking. Whenever you ‘gimme bar’ a photo/website/recipe/text you save the item. Literally. How? You well, by saving it to your Gimme Bar page and by saving it to your Dropbox account. You gimmie something and boom, it’s not only on your Gimmie Bar account but also on your hard drive.

    Gimme Bar‘s interface is clean and a pleasure to use. It lets you organize your findings in collections, easily follow what your friend’s collections and add their content to yours, all with just a few clicks.

    Hurry and sign up! Go! ¡Vamanos!

    Here’s the demo video in Spanish because that’s how the Gimme Bar crew rolls.

  8. One of the Studiomates, Erin Kissane, is part is a new magazine called Contents along with (not Studiomates, but also awesome) Krista Stevens, Ethan Marcotte, and Erik Westra.
You can find submission details for the first Contents issue over here.
We’re looking forward to perusing the inaugural issue.

    One of the Studiomates, Erin Kissane, is part is a new magazine called Contents along with (not Studiomates, but also awesome) Krista Stevens, Ethan Marcotte, and Erik Westra.

    You can find submission details for the first Contents issue over here.

    We’re looking forward to perusing the inaugural issue.

  9. Designers vs Coding


    “Do I need to know how to code?” is a question that comes up with sure-fire consistency in design circles. I’ve seen it asked by so many, from uncertain design students in classrooms worried about their chances of landing a job, to seasoned professionals at conferences seeing their pool of print projects slowly evaporate. The question is being asked with even greater frequency as of late, because Adobe has launched their product Muse, which promises designers the ability to “create unique websites without writing code.” So, if a designer wants to work on the web, should they take the time to learn this dastardly “code” or instead rely on software like Muse?

    Read More

    Frank Chimero is part of Studiomates, and we’re so glad he is.

  10. As part of Cameron’s birthday (see Style Guide in the previous post), we all wore our Field Guides on our pockets. Or sleeves.

    More Studiomates and their Field Notes in Tina's Flickr set.